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  • Different Kinds of Unicycles

    What are the different kinds of unicycles? I bet you didn’t know there was more than one. Well, you’re in for one of a heck of a surprise. There are actually seven kinds of unicycles. Each kind offers distinct advantages and qualities over the other ones. Unicycles basically can be

  • What is Mountain Unicycling

    Where and how did unicycling on a mountain begin? In the latter portion of the 1980s, there was a team of extreme sports enthusiasts, and they looked at the unicycle with considerable interest, and the team was led by Kris Holm. They created the off-road unicycle, which was abbreviated and

  • How to Ride a Unicycle

    Have you ever wondered how to ride a unicycle? Did you think it would be too hard or just impossible for someone like you to do? Did you think it required some special talent or superhuman ability? The good news is that it’s within everyone’s reach. If you think you’re

  • The History of The Unicycle

    Have you ever wanted to know the unicycle’s history? How did this weird little device ever come into existence? What got it started? Where did it come from? Did someone just cut a bicycle in half one day and call it a unicycle? If these questions have been swirling around

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